Using Advertising Inflatables Balloons to Promote Businesses

Setting up inflatables is one of the best ways to attract the public’s attention. Put a giant advertising inflatable to show off your store, company, product, or any other event. They are perfect for any occasion. With many shapes and sizes available, they become one of the most effective promotional tools to fit your marketing needs! 

There are different kinds of inflatables, such as inflatable advertising domes, inflatable replicas, inflatable arches, etc. Inflatable arches are the common type and are compatible with most occasions. They are usually placed right in front of the entrance to buildings or any other large area where you want the participants and guests to feel welcome to join in. Moreover, they can be easily customized into anything to your preference. You can be creative with the size, color, and shape and brand it with your corporate logo as well.


(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's Tsum Tsum Stitch Giant Inflatables

Advertising inflatables can do so much to your business. They have significant advantages as an eye-catching marketing tool. Inflatables advertising has proved to be a versatile rising strategy to increase brand awareness of the business. Company grand openings, festivals, or big sales often use this form of outdoor advertising method.

For starters, giant inflatables have an enormous visual impact. If you look around in public, you will see a lot of conventional billboards or other signage smartboards displaying the products or services. However, most of the signage options are limited to being only one-dimensional. On the other hand, inflatable signage options can be easily read and seen from a whole 360-degree angle. The bigger they are, the easier they can be spotted. People can notice them very quickly as they stand out to the customers and crowds. They are the perfect tool to attract people to the event, which will help generate more sales.


In addition, they play a significant role in increasing overall brand recognition. Placing inflatables in front of your company will draw the attention of the people passing by to look at them; therefore, all eyes will be on your company. Another advantage would be their mobility. You can set up inflatables in various locations, unlike billboards that are usually stuck to the ground or up on the rooftop. Most inflatables can be easily prepared and stored away when the balloon decoration is over. Plus, most rooftop balloons now have interchangeable or detachable banners that allow you to design how you want to advertise your product. Most importantly, inflatables are cost-effective marketing. Purchasing inflatables are generally less expensive than installing a billboard.

andyballoons-starhub-giant-advertising-inflatables(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's Starhub Giant Inflatables

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