The Beauty of Helium or Air-Filled Balloons

Balloon decorations never go out of style. Although there are different types of balloons, it mainly comes down to two types of decorations, which is air=filled balloon décor and helium balloon décor. They are used for a unique decoration; they can also be used together to create a festive look to the celebration.


Here are several things that will help you better understand both balloons decoration and choose the most suitable type for your preference.

Air-filled balloons

  • They can last from 5-to 10 days.
  • They are a safer option.
  • They are cost-effective.
  • It can be used for both outdoor and indoor decorations.
  • It goes well when put together with balloon arch frames and balloon garlands.

Helium balloons

  • They can float.
  • It can be a little expensive but then have an exclusive floating feature.
  • The helium gas can be filled in any balloon, both in a latex balloon and foil balloon.
  • They can last up to weeks; however, they are suitable for indoor decorations only because they will float away if decorated outdoors.


Both types of balloons have their own benefits. For an indoor party, for instance, a senior banquet, it would be good to use graduation helium balloons. As for the outdoor events, it is best to use air-filled balloons to create a perfect balloon arch or even a balloon drop type of decoration. Both balloons made a unique and classy decorations; you can choose which one is better for your event. Though, it is recommended to have a mixture of both.

Another thing about helium balloons and air-filled balloons is their variety. You can customize printed graphics on both balloons. However, air-filled balloons have less variety of shapes available since filling a unique form with air is more challenging. Helium balloons, on the other hand, come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Animals, cartoon characters, everyday objects, food – you name it! These balloons are usually made of foil and are available in any shape you can think of. 


In addition to their lasting time, cost, and customized designs, there are a few more differences between the two balloons. For refilling balloons, latex balloons cannot be refilled again when it had been filled with air, and their ends are cut off. Whereas helium balloons can be easily refilled when you notice the helium inside started to leak out. One more thing is related to the density of the balloons. Helium is generally much lighter than air. That’s why helium balloons can float while balloons filled with regular air cannot float.

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