Rebecca Lim Engagement Setup Decoration by Andy Balloons


(photos: andyballoons/instagram) complete setup by Andy Balloons  


Rebecca Lim, a MediaCorp actress, has announced her engagement. On Monday night (November 15), the 35-year-old shared numerous images to her Instagram account showing a man proposing to her in front of an elaborate set-up with balloon decorations and "Marry Me" spelled out in giant block letters.


Lim did not reveal her mysterious fiancé's face and name in the photographs or posts. Lim added an emoji of two hearts and a diamond ring to the photo's text. In an interview with The Straits Times, Lim said that her fiancé is a 35-year-old Singaporean who works in corporate branding.



(photos: rebeccalim/instagram) fiance propose to Rebecca Lim


The couple met through family friends at the beginning of the year at a get-together at a friend's place before the social distancing and restrictions kicked in. They ate dinner together, and the two were really hitting it off, so they developed this friendship into a relationship. They were dating privately, so only their close friends and both their families knew they were together.


The actress stated in an interview that she does not know her boyfriend would propose to her when they go for a dinner date. She thought it was an art installation at first, although she had suspicions because he acted very obvious. She stated, "Usually, we dress very casually when we go out for dinner, I'll have only very light makeup or no makeup at all. But the night before he told me to please wear something nice. So, I immediately called my sister and told her he asked me to dress up and if she thinks he might propose tomorrow." Actually, both of their families knew about the proposal planning, but they kept it a secret from Lim for two weeks so that he could surprise her.




(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons giving instruction on setup


Lim revealed that they were dating privately for less than a year before he dropped the big question. When she was asked if it might be a little too soon to be engaged after dating less than a year, she replied, "I think when you meet at a certain age, and you've been through things, you know what you want and what you don't want. I was very transparent from the beginning, and so was he. And we laid our cards down at the beginning. We got to know each other at this age where we want to be honest as possible. And not to waste any more time." She described her husband-to-be as "honest, mature, down-to-earth and very filial- he was being very secure and very stable, and that has helped her a lot in her career. 


The excited bride-to-be made a statement that she wanted to hold her wedding next year and will definitely reveal more details about it over time. Lim's fans and colleagues have left congratulatory messages for her and her fiancé on social media to wish nothing but the best for the two to continue their journey together. 



(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons team set up in progress


Lim couldn't have thought and anticipated this surprise. She was filled with joy and overwhelmed just by picturing her to be with her one true love. Life has become even more meaningful for the two lovely couples. This story is so sweet and beautiful, just like Nicolas Sparks once said to his finance, "You are the answer to every prayer I've offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don't know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have." We all here are wishing her many congrats on getting engaged. There are many things to see and the love that will be in all.


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(videos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons team planning and discussing on setup 


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(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons staff holding inflated balloons


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