Outdoor Balloon Decor Ideas

Having event balloons set up for outdoor activities is on the trend nowadays. Since balloon prices are lower than most other decorations, they make the best tool for event decorations.

Balloons come in many shapes and sizes that can easily add some spark to your party. Having a balloon garland or inflatable balloon in front of the entrance to the party, putting up emoji balloons to create a fun environment, making a balloon bunch of different colors, or setting up a balloon arch are all perfect decorations! You can never have too many balloons; make sure you arrange them according to available space. And the colors and designs should match the theme of the occasion.

Balloons go well with most celebrations, whether it's disco parties, engagement parties, or birthdays. Balloons as a decoration for birthday parties are the best!


(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's chrome silver setup for @jnj

Despite balloons being easy and fun to set up, there are some challenges in arranging balloons for outdoor activities. It mainly comes down to the weather.

Heat and direct sunlight can make the balloons' surface oxidize more rapidly than usual. While commercial sprays can help avoid this, they often do not hold up to scorching days and can also create balloon adhesion in the sun as the moisture evaporates, increasing the chance of them popping. It is also recommended to keep the balloons away from walls, pavements, or other frameworks that can get extremely hot on sunny days as they will pop the balloons.

The wind is another factor that can cause problems to your setup. Even the tiniest breeze may send balloons everywhere. If not appropriately secured, they can strip your structure of balloons and cause arches, columns, and framework to fly away in the wind. You have to be careful, especially with balloon garlands.




The rain does not go well with balloons at all. It will cause helium balloons to sink, and any moisture on them (such as rain or overnight dew) will cause them to stick together as they dry. Then the balloons will start popping.

A few tips to avoid those common problems is to choose your balloon decor supplies carefully. Make your installments outdoor-friendly; use an air balloon instead of a helium balloon. Use a heavy-duty framework that is suitable for outdoor balloons. Choose the right space, for instance, not too hot and in the shade, so the installment can last longer. Then you're good to go!

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(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's arch and pillar design setup for @fiitboxx

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