How to Get Creative with Balloons

Balloons are widely known as a decoration tool for parties, but most people don't know that balloons can also be used for incredible arts and crafts projects. There are many easy and simple ways to use balloons in a crafty way. These are some cool things you do with balloons:

Make a DIY button bowl by blowing air into the rubber balloon. Apply glue on its top part and stick colorful buttons to it. Leave it out to dry for a while until it's stuck together. Then, pop the balloon, and you will have your button bowl! 
Did you know balloons can keep your drinks cold? Pour water into the balloons and put them in your cooler. This will help keep your drinks cold and is very useful for going on a road trip or a picnic without ice.
You can also use the balloon to wind some yarn ball ornaments to decorate your home. First, blow up the balloon and glue the yarn to it. Leave it for some time; when it is dried, pop the balloon out. Then you'll have the DIY ball ornaments. Simple and easy.



Follow this fantastic hack to get a fun and unique party balloon idea. Make a DIY confetti cannon. You'll need a balloon, a toilet paper roll, double-sided tape, wrapping paper, and confetti. First, cut off the top of the balloon, then pull the balloon's opening over the toilet paper roll. Next, secure the balloon and cover the paper roll with double-sided tape. Remove one side of the tape and put wrappers around it. Fill it with confetti, so the confetti will come out when you pull at the bottom and release it. You can reuse it as much as you want and let the fun begin.


The balloon price is low, so you can also use balloons to make toys for your kids. They love it. You can make a small car toy from a balloon and an old plastic bottle. Take the bottle and pierce two holes at each end so that you can put a stick in. Attach four bottle lids to each stick. Then make a hole at the top of the bottle. Place a straw through the hole so one end can come out through the open bottle outlet and the other comes out through the hole. Blow a balloon and attach it to the straw. Secure it so the air cannot escape. When you release your pinch, the balloon car will race forwards. Pretty cool, isn't it?


All in all, there are various ways to create unique crafts out of balloons. You can do many things with balloons, which come in many shapes and sizes. For example, you can use advertising balloons to promote your business. Event balloons are used in variety of social celebration. Inflatable balloons can be used as an advertising tool. Number balloons are mostly used in anniversary or birthday parties.

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