Giant Boat Spotted at Punggol Waterway Park

There's a saying that goes; the bigger it is, the better it gets. This statement seems to be confirmed with balloons. Giant advertising balloons are becoming the best and most stunning form of publicity advertisement.

Using giant advertising inflatables as a public relations tool is an effective way to promote events and occasions. Giant advertising balloons aren't just for enormous hot air balloons. It can refer to nearly anything that uses helium to float in the air and has a brand splashed on its body. For significant events, giant advertising balloons are ideal. The same will be valid for large-scale product launches.


(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's tripod giant advertising balloons at North Gaia

On the other hand, these massive advertising balloons are better suited to significant outdoor events. It can be a focal point for all the people loitering about, hoping to join in the celebrations. You must understand that the more people view your business or event, the more customers you can reach. A novel advertising strategy, such as a giant advertisement balloon, will most likely draw people to your products.

They can be seen from miles away. Moreover, they are way less expensive compared to billboards. Plus, you own this balloon decoration. You can set them up anywhere and anytime as you like to create an immediate impression on the people passing by. The usage of substantial advertising balloons as part of a marketing campaign should be considered. 


(photos: andyballoons) Another of Andy Balloon's tripod giant advertising installed at Ubin's First Stop Restaurant

Advertising balloons are on the trend these days. They are an excellent promotional tool in marketing your business, company, or brand. There are different types of advertising balloons available for a successful public promotion.

  • Helium Hot Air Balloons: These are great for events, especially during conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and other large crowd gatherings.
  • Hot Air Balloon Shape: An advertising balloon with your brand's name can do wonders to raise your brand awareness.
  • Helium Blimp: These serve as excellent methods of advertising an event, products, brand name, sales, and business.
  • Helium Inflated Sphere: Use customized balloons with your brand name to promote active events.

In addition, hot air balloons are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Marketing with inflatables is one of the most cost-effective and creative ways of business promotion. 

The simple thrill of a seesaw, sharing your secrets through a larger-than-life paper cup, or marveling at an oversized facsimile of a Marie biscuit will bring out your inner child. The public can interact with five public artworks spread across three park locations in Singapore – Bishan-AMK Park, Jurong Lake Gardens, and Punggol Waterway Park – from now until 30 October.


(photos: andyballoons) Giant Paper Boat Inflatable @ Punggol Waterway Park by Public Art Trust (PAT) under National Arts Council (NAC)

As You Were is a public art showcase commissioned by the Public Art Trust (PAT) under the National Arts Council (NAC). It features seven artists walking into nature to produce interactive visual artworks depicting their fantasies of an indigenous world. These pieces were created in response to the numerous changes that have occurred in our daily lives since the commencement of COVID-19.

Through enjoyable and meaningful artworks that foster a sense of play, As You Were allows the public to reconnect with nature and one another. It's also a reflection of the country's opening up, and the artworks serve as a timely reminder to interact, talk, and play as we emerge from the pandemic.

There are several meaningful installations by artists such as Chong Zhi Wei Daniel, Quek Jia Qi, Aaron Lim, Hazel Lim and Adeline Kush, Teo Huey Ling, and Ang Song Nian. Artist Ang Song Nian displays a beautiful piece in Punggol Waterway Park called Afloat. This inflatable represents the release of fear and desire, symbolic cleansing, and also blessings for one's loved ones and others. How remarkable!

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