Giant Advertising Inflatables to Promote Brand Awareness

Balloons can be used for many things such as decoration, ornament, or a plaything. You name it. But it can be more than that! Why not use it for advertising your business?


 (photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons giant inflatable for event at Ultra Singapore 2016

Here are a few reasons to consider using inflatable balloons to promote your company.

Inflatables are a fun method to get people to notice your company. People will get a favorable image of your brand when they see a giant advertising balloon with your firm's name and emblem at your event.


Brand recognition can be increased by using inflatables. People will easily recognize your enterprise if you promote with inflatables that have your company's name or an image linked with it when they see the inflatable at the event.

At the start and finish lines, building entranceways, and any other significant location where you want guests and participants to feel welcome, inflatable arches are a great way to emphasize your brand. Inflatable arches are available in various forms and sizes and may be customized with your company's colors and emblem.

Let's look at how inflatables can advertise your brand in actual promotions.


 (photos:glow inflatables) Glow Inflatables giant inflatable tennis ball for Sture Exhibitions and Events, Stockholm, Sweden.

In November of this year, the world-famous Stockholm Open Tennis Championship was held at the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm, Sweden. The annual event has been greatly anticipated since it was forced to be canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Stureplansgruppen, a proud partner, came up with the concept of hanging a sizeable inflatable tennis ball high above the iconic local department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) in Stockholm to commemorate this joyful event. This was the first time one of Stockholm's most well-known landmarks had been used in this manner.

Glow Inflatables designed a spherical structure that could be attached to the NK's 87-meter-high steel clock tower. The installation was delivered in two hemispherical sections, which were secured around the steel tower and then inflated in place by Sture's outstanding installation team. Sture received a custom-designed print cover from Glow, which the group wrapped around the inflated sphere to produce a smoother, more significant tennis ball impression.

For the length of the tennis tournament, the finished sculpture, which measured an astonishing five meters in diameter, was displayed atop the landmark NK clock tower, which was visible for miles around on the Stockholm skyline. The total effect was breathtaking, especially at night when the custom installation was lit up.

The entire magnificent creation was videoed and published on social media to promote the Stockholm Open Tennis Championship as well as Stureplansgruppen, Sweden's largest privately owned entertainment organization. 

Viewers were equally astonished and delighted by this fantastic teamwork.

What a way to use inflatables for advertising your brand name!


 (photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons Disney Tsum Tsum Piglet giant inflatable

Andy Balloons, a balloon shop known for its custom balloon’s installations, had installed advertising inflatables for Tsum Tsum Giant to promote its collections. The inflatables were customized into a replica of the stuffed toys collections that the company is selling. This helps to promote the products more and attract customers. Andy Balloons also made a tripod balloon for the Ultra-Singapore event in 2016. This helps convey a message of the event in an appealing way to people who see it. The balloons price from Andy Balloons is reasonable, whether it's event balloons or party balloons. Place your order now!

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