Unwrapping Christmas: Ornament Stories and Balloon Fun!

Christmas is fast approaching and the excitement has been building since early December. Decorations and ornaments have started to be put up in the downtown, across the city. Real or artificial pine trees are adorned with various ornaments ranging from decorative lights, tinsels, decorative balls, and star-shaped ornaments at the top. There is also a Santa Claus-shaped statue with his deer carriage filled with gift packages for children who have done good throughout the year, a snowman-shaped statue, or 2D ornaments in the form of trumpet-blowing angels or doves from lights have become a trademark in every Christmas celebration. These ornaments are not without meaning, here are some popular meanings and stories of the Christmas ornaments you're likely to come across.

The Christmas Tree

The popular story goes that when Martin Luther went for a night walk in a snowy forest, he was mesmerized by the light of the stars filtering through the trees. He wanted to share that moment with his family so he cut down a tree and brought it home, then decorated it with candles for his family to enjoy. The idea spread and today, both real and artificial pine trees are decorated with glittering ornaments.


The star at the top of the Christmas tree recalls the story of the Magi who were guided to the brightest star that appeared at Jesus' birth and led them to where Jesus was. It also symbolizes hope and peace.


Bells are depicted as a symbol of joy and cheerfulness. Bells were commonly used by shepherds to guide their sheep to follow them back to the drum, which reminds us of Jesus who protects and guides us to His holy home. Today, bells in churches are rung symbolically to mark the arrival of Christmas for everyone.

Shepherd's cane

The cane symbolizes Jesus as the protector of His church with the color of diagonal stripes between white and red which symbolizes the body and blood of Jesus. The candy cane itself was first made by the choirmaster of a church in Germany in the 17th century and given to children during his ministry.


Hanging socks tradition has been done since the 1800s, but we don't know exactly how it started. The meaning of the sock itself is to symbolize a wish to Santa Claus. The story that inspired it is that one day Saint Nicolas learned that there was an elderly man who was worried about his daughter who was getting married but couldn't afford to give a proper dowry for the wedding. Although the Saint knew that the man did not like receiving favors, he secretly put gold in the sock of the man's daughter to hang by the fireplace. Read me at Rinse.

The colors of green and red

The ancient Celts revered the holly plant with its red cherry-like fruit and distinctive green leaves, thinking that it preserved the beauty of the earth from the heavy snowy season.


This ornament always wraps around the Christmas tree and is accompanied by decorative balls. Once upon a time in Ukraine, a poor family cut down a pine to make a Christmas tree. Being too poor to decorate it, they left it alone and went to bed. Then a spider crept up and made a beautiful spider web around the tree. The next morning, they found the spider web glistening in the sunrise light. The tradition of hanging tinsel on the Christmas tree only exists in eastern Europe. Tinsel itself means like a light that comes down and illuminates a beautiful Christmas. You can read more about the story here.


Balls are usually attached around the Christmas tree just like tinsel. These balls are colorful or most commonly golden and silvery. These balls symbolize family and unity, because of the diversity of colors on one ball and the other together attached to the Christmas tree.

These are some of the ornaments, their meanings, and the stories behind them. Homes that don't want to miss out on the festivities have started buying and putting up Christmas ornaments earlier. You can also participate, try to imagine having the best mini version of Christmas decorations in the living room.

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