Christmas Theme Balloons is the New Trend This Year!

The Christmas holiday is the most exciting celebration of the year! When the month of December is approaching, most people would already start to buy and decorate Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, gift boxes everywhere, whether in their homes, stores, malls, or supermarkets. However, this year people started to add balloons to their Christmas tree decorations, which turned out to be absolutely stunning!


(photos: beautiful christmas tree decoration set up near the fireplace)


A Tiktok user, Chloeduya, shared how she decided to add balloons decorations to her Christmas tree in one of her videos. It started because she struggled to find large white ornaments for her tree, which is a common problem most people can relate to. When she replaced the decorations with the balloons instead, it did nothing but give her tree a creative and unique look! Others also shared that you can always add glitter or sparkle to your balloons for a more dazzle look for your tree as you like.  

Even though balloons are more common in birthday celebrations and New Year's parties, they can also be the central theme of an event, even for holidays. Chloeduya also shared that replacing the ornaments with balloons is a perfect idea. Since balloons come in various colors, you can choose any colors to match with decorations on your trees. Balloons can also be very helpful; you can avoid unnecessary shopping trips with pricey ornaments. Unlike ornaments, balloons don't shatter. Since they don't crash, it provides a safer environment for the party, as no one would get hurt. Plus, you don't even have to store them for next year's party, it is totally cheap to be replaced so that you can change your decorations every year to your preference. Other Tiktok users shared a hack replying to Chloeduya's video that you can spray the balloons with hair spray to make them last longer and less likely to pop. This hack is handy for anyone with kids or pet animals who likes to snatch the decorations away. It does sound like a good idea!



(photos: Tiktoker Choleduya, shows how she decorates the christmas tree)


Balloons come in various forms and sizes, and they are inexpensive and readily available. The most delicate part is that we may use them in multiple ways for different occasions. So, here are a few creative ideas for using balloons as Christmas decorations. You can light up giant balloon Christmas lights, make giant advertising inflatable balloons in front of your house, balloon calendars, balloon sticks, snow globe balloons, snowflake balloons, and even more exciting ways.



(photos: Andyballoon's Christmas Tree Balloon package)


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