Balloon Installments for Proposals

A marriage proposal is an event where your significant others decide to bring the relationship to the next step. When you accept the proposal, it will mark the day of your engagement, which is why you should make it a little extra special than any other ordinary day of your relationship




Here are some romantic ideas to get you started. 

  1. Cook their favorite dish, then pull out a ring to surprise them. Or hide the right in the apron and slide it out when the moment is right.
  2. If your partner is a bookworm, why not hide the ring inside a book? They will be surprised when they open it. 
  3. Spend an evening with your inner child, making a pillow fort together and romanticizing the environment with tea lights. Have them look beneath their pillow for a prize much more excellent than a quarter from the tooth fairy while snuggling close under the star-covered covers!
  4. For the sports couple, hit them with the "If you win, I'll give you something," then propose at the stadium!

For the classic couple, a dinner with family and a few close friends is an excellent place to make an announcement too.



 (photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's romantic setup that would make her say yes!


No matter how you decide to pop up the questions, it is always best to have beautiful romantic special balloons to go with the atmosphere. Imagine walking to the dinner table to see a "Will you marry me?" balloon, how sweet! You can choose the color scheme to match your proposal or simply the shade your spouse likes from our selection of customized balloons. You can also get creative with a personalized cartoon character-themed heart balloon-filled bubble balloon; it would look super cute! A customized heart balloon-filled bubble balloon would present as a beautiful surprise.

When it comes to engagement setup with custom balloons, Andy Balloons is the best! You can spare your time with the proposal planning instead of looking for other balloon shops. Moreover, the balloon price from this shop is very affordable!



 (photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons Chrome Silver X White Proposal Setup @wildseedsg


Andy Balloons had installed balloons decor to several proposals recently. One of the set up was in Wildseed at the Summerhouse. There were silver and white-theme balloons placed on top of the glasses dome. You can see balloons drop on the ground with medium-sized Will You Marry Me lights inside. Another sample setup was in home decor. When you walk into the room, you can see many inflatable balloons, heart-shaped balloons, and a cute ring balloon replica of a proposal ring beside the message, "Will you marry me?" placed behind the massive bouquet of roses with their petals around the surface. So romantic! You can even make the setup in your bedroom, so when your partner comes in after a long day at work, they will be super surprised. An outdoor surprise would also be ideal, hanging a Will You Marry Me balloons attached to the wall pillars with heart-shaped ring lights around. So many ways to make it more special for the moment to be unforgettable!

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