Balloon Inflator – Do I Need Them?

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Event balloons are, without a doubt, a popular decoration choice for parties, events, and celebrations of all kinds. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Depending on your creativity, there are many ways to arrange custom balloons to create fun and festive displays. Plus, the balloon price is relatively inexpensive compared to other decorative tools.

Blowing balloons is one common way to inflate balloons. That is fine if you only need a few balloons. But what to do if you need hundreds of balloons? In that case, you might need the help of balloon pumps, which is a device that fills balloons with air.

There are different types of balloon pumps:
Manual Pump
Manual pumps work when you attach the balloon to the pump’s nozzle. Use one hand to hold the nozzle and the hand to hold on the base. When extending the balloon pump, the air will pull into the pump. Then as you contract it, the air will push into the balloon inflating it.

Electric Balloon Inflator Pumps
Also known as an electric balloon inflator, it is a device that inflates balloons faster and easier than manually. It works by sucking in air and blowing out that same air through the nozzle attached to the balloon, causing inflation. This can be an effective tool for any balloon decorator. They might have different types, but how it functions is generally the same.

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Check out these simple Balloon Guide on How to use a balloon pump:
Manual Inflators
• Put the spout into the balloon’s neck.
• Press firmly on the neck to trap the air from flowing out.
• Fill the balloon to your desired size.
• Detach the inflator nose from the balloon’s neck.
• Tie a knot on the neck; you can simply tie it with your hands or use a small rubber band for your convenience.

Electric Inflators
• Attach the balloon’s neck firmly to the end of the compressor.
• Turn on the device to inflate the balloon.
• Make sure it doesn’t burst; once it is enlarged enough, take it out, and tie a knot. That’s it! Electric pumps are very easy to use.

Now that we know about the types of balloon inflators, we can decide when to use them.

First, you can consider it within your budget. Manual pumps are generally less cheap, with an average price of $10, since they do not require electricity. On the hand, the electric pump, depending on the brands and models, may cost up to 5 or 20 times more! Since they need electricity to work with and also depend on the types of balloons you use, hence, they tend to be more costly.

Secondly, consider the number of balloons you need to inflate. If it is for a big event that requires hundreds of balloons for decorations with limited time, you might need to purchase the electric inflator as it will consume less time.

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Lastly, if you’re a decorator and work with grand balloon decoration on a regular basis, investing in an advanced electric pump is highly recommended. Though expensive, they are durable and can be used for years. Besides, electric pumps are not limited to only inflating balloons; they are multi-functional devices. You can also use them to inflate boats, mattresses, a child’s size swimming pools, and even toy sofas. So they are definitely worth it if you have many uses for them!

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