Chinese New Year 2022 at Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studio Singapore

The New Year is one of the most celebrated events globally and the place where one spends it truly matters as it will be remembered as a core memory for them. It usually happens once a year, but since there are different customs around the world, there can be more than one of a new year’s celebration, for example, Chinese New Year.



The Lunar New Year is an important occasion for numerous East Asian nations, counting but not restricted to China, Korean, and Vietnam. This occasion marks the primary modern moon of the lunisolar calendars and is conventional to numerous East Asian nations, which are directed by the cycles of the moon and sun. It typically falls sometime between January 21st and February 20th annually. This year, Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 1st of February and is continued until the moon is full, ending February 15th with the Lantern Festival. It is celebrated with family through various traditional activities

Many people start preparing for Chinese New Year a few weeks before the date because this period for the new year is a time to clean their house to rid the back luck and negative energy. After that, their houses are decorated with red lanterns. Children are given red envelopes with money and sweets from their family and they feast together during New Year’s Eve, and on the final day, which this year is the 15th of February, it is celebrated as the Lantern Festival.

Where is a good place to spend time off after a hectic year – end? There are many worthy options to choose from, but to be well taken care of by the Resorts World Sentosa, it would give little to no hassle at all. It would be a fuss-free staycation with high quality food, beautifully decorated gifts, and the best recommended places to stay in.




To bring a livelier feeling into this eventful holiday, balloons can be a good added decoration to the place, though it is not commonly used, it can still play a big role in bringing a welcoming aura. For example, big parades and those marching in it can walk with a giant advertising inflatable balloon to show what type of event it is and what it symbolizes or make a balloon garland or a customizable balloon garland in one’s home when having a reunion to show how extravagant this holiday is.



 (photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloons LED Lighted Tripod Advertising balloons at Gardens by the Bay

Though a normal balloon price can range from 50 cents to a dollar or even more, it does a great deal of entertainment for a celebration. For example, foil balloons are mainly used for birthdays because it is sold by letters and balloon arches are used to make animal-like balloons. A little balloon pump and the balloon itself would brighten up the atmosphere with just a glance.



It is easy to have access to these materials because it can be found in a nearby shop or have an online balloon shop that sells customized balloons, and of course, have an online balloon delivery service. Like Andy Balloons! We recently set up a balloon garland at Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore.  

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