Advertising Balloons in Singapore

Balloons are more than just a decorative, party and celebrative supplies, while it can be a great source in bringing smiles and happiness to all ages. While balloons are not just limiting to parties, there are many other usage for it.  Not only can we use it at parties and celebrations, but we can also ride it and see the world from a higher view.




Even though with the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, there is no harm in planning early where you can ride these colourful balloons in the future. Staring in Asia, check out these top 10 hot air ballooning spots.

While in Singapore we might not be able to enjoy such a flight on hot air balloons, but those larger inflatable bouncy balloons will always catch our attention. Which is also why giant advertising balloons attracting good exposure for the companies for those who chooses such method of advertising.


balloon-stand-garden-by-the-bay (photo: landtransportguru)

There are 10 great reasons why one should use advertising balloons. While all these reasons are good, what a company really want to know is if investing in advertising balloons give the best return-of-investment. The whole point of advertising is to ensure you attract the most eyeballs possible, which is why it is very often we find those inflatable advertising balloons for events at expo which rows and rows of booths and property shows. From far, customers are able to see you and would take a second look because it is out of the ordinary in the sky, thus the chances to bring right customer straight to you.
(photo: capitaland)

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