7 Things You Need to Know About Balloon Delivery

If you've ever been to a party, chances are you have seen a balloon there. In 2019, the Party Balloon market revenue was 263 million, and they remain a staple in party decorations and gifts.
The next time you're shopping for balloons, you might want to consider going all out. Instead of taking on the task alone, think about hiring a balloon delivery service.
In this list, we discuss seven things you might be wondering about balloon delivery.

1. Reasons for a Balloon Delivery
Balloons are simple products that can make a big impact thanks to their versatility. Here are some of the most common reasons to order a balloon delivery.

Party Decor
Balloons are most often a form of decoration used to add visual interest to parties and events. Both adults and children alike enjoy balloon decorations, and the design options are endless.

Balloon deliveries also make great gifts. Like flowers, you can deliver balloon arrangements as a surprise for your loved one.

For a subtle marketing tool, consider ordering custom branded balloons delivered to your next big event. Advertising balloons are a unique way to display your name and generate more brand awareness.


2. Types of Balloons
You need to understand the different types of balloons that are available before ordering a delivery. The two types of balloons are latex and foil.

Latex Balloons 
Latex is the most affordable type of balloon and is perfect for bulk balloon orders when you're on a budget. They do deflate faster than foil balloons, so you don't want to set them up too far in advance.

Foil Balloons
Foil balloons come in a variety different of shapes and have a reflective mirror-like appearance. These features make them a unique alternative to latex. Foil balloons last up to five days, allowing time to set up without worrying about deflation.


3. Design Options
When choosing designs for your balloon decor, there are several options available. Party balloon arrangements can be arches, bouquets, columns, backdrops, centerpieces, or scattered freely.
Arches and columns help create a grand entrance to your party and provide a unique photo opportunity for your guests. Backdrops are another excellent photo opportunity that draws the eye to a specific spot in the room.
If you're considering balloons as a gift, you still have different design options available. Balloons can be made into wreaths, bouquets, or customized with a special saying. A balloon wreath or bouquet can be even more special by adding real flowers to the design.
The color scheme of your balloons is vital to your balloon design. The choice of colors can bring a theme to life, while using someone's favorites in a gift is a surefire way to make them smile.

4. How Are They Inflated?
Helium is the most popular way to inflate balloons because it allows them to float. Helium balloons are filled using a helium tank, which some balloon delivery companies include with their service.
You can fill latex balloons with both air and helium. The air method is less desirable for visual displays because they do not float and take longer to fill up.
Before choosing a balloon delivery service, you'll want to research whether the balloon company will inflate the balloons for you. If they don't include this service, that's something you'll need to plan for on your own.
Filling balloons can be a time-consuming process, so you'll want to allow time between your delivery and event to do so. Ask the balloon company for a time estimate, so you can make plenty of room in your schedule to prepare.


5. Do I Need to Set Them Up Myself?
When ordering a balloon delivery for an intricate display, research the company's setup process. Some balloon delivery companies will set up your display upon arrival, have some of it already set up to install, or deliver in a kit for you to install on your own.
If you don't have the skills for a DIY setup, look for a company that includes the display set up in their services. If you don't mind setting up on your own, make sure the package you choose has everything you need, such as the helium tank to fill them.


6. Cost of Balloon Services
Balloon delivery costs vary depending on the type of balloons, scale of the display, and services provided. Foil balloons will cost more than their latex counterparts.
Large party kit prices range from $100-$300, while grand custom displays might cost you even more. You'll likely have to pay an additional fee for the delivery and setup, if it's offered.
If you're doing a large custom order, contact balloon services with your idea and your delivery needs for a more accurate quote.


7. Proper Balloon Disposal
When you're ready to take down balloons, remember to dispose of them properly. Take a pin and pop each balloon to make clean up easier by releasing the air.
Latex balloons are biodegradable and are safe to throw away. Foil balloons, on the other hand, are not biodegradable and shouldn't go into the trash. Your balloon delivery company or local party store should be able to let you know where to recycle them.

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