5 Types of Interesting Balloon Arches

Balloons decoration have been a part of both indoor and outdoor activities. It has the ability to spice up your event, making it more fun and enjoyable. Balloons come in different types with various shapes and sizes, so there are many options available for you to decorate your party. They are generally more affordable than other fancy ornaments, but when they are set up creatively, they can be very lavish and glamorous. They’re perfect for any occasion!


(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's Black x Gold Organic Balloon Arch Classy Setup

There are many ways to make creative balloons decoration. For example, balloon centerpieces, balloon bouquets, balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon drop, and other types. Balloon arches, for instance, is one fabulous way to bring attention and color to an event. They go well with outdoor events such as sports events, store openings, or any public events. As for indoor events, they are often used for entrance decoration, welcoming and greeting guests, or they can be used as backdrops for beautiful pictures to keep as memories. The best thing about balloon arches is that you can make them into anything in so many ways. You can design them however you want. A custom balloon arch can be a unique decorative tool.

Generally, balloon arches can be created into 5 different styles.

  1. Single Arches

You can make them into a single arch, or “String of Pearls.” The name gives it out. It is one row of balloons created next to each other. Since they are very simple and there are not much of them, the balloon prices are very affordable and are best suited for indoor events.

  1. Double arches

These are similar to the single arches, except they have two lines next to each other, although, they must be used only for indoors activities.

  1. Packed or Triple Arch

These are a big, thick, classic arch design. You can create many different fun patterns for a creative look. We suggest patterns such as spiral, blocks of colors, stripes, random, solid colors, zigzag, diamond shapes, or you can design it to your preference.

  1. Foil Arch

Foil arches are long-lasting, and they go well both indoors and outdoors. Since they are made of foil balloons, they are dynamic, shiny, and will surely look attractive to your guests and participants.  

  1. Organic Arch

Organic arches use hundreds of different sizes of balloons to create a beautiful unique design. No patterns are necessary to make this, however, it takes a creative mind to make it stands out to the crowd. 


(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's Gender Reveal Setup

custom balloon garland is another popular type of balloon decor to enhance your gatherings, events, celebrations, or corporate function. You can create a balloon garland by combining balloons of different sizes in multiple colors according to your theme. Mix it with some natural elements, and you will have a piece of décor that is truly elegant and remarkable. Balloon garland is a creative way to bring new animation and energy to your event, party, or occasion.


(photos: andyballoons) Andy Balloon's Jungle Setup with Organic Balloon Arch

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